Give me a call at 970.236.1823

Give me a call at 970.236.1823

What the FAQ are we doing??

What makes you different than other photographers? 
- Well, there are lots and sometimes we seem to blend together don’t we?? Well, this is where it is important to get to know the photographers that you are interested in! My editing style and personality is what makes me different! I am professional, yet laid back. If we are a few minutes behind on the schedule, I am not going to freak out! It is YOUR wedding day, and that is most important. I am going to be your cheerleader, and get the photos that are important to you. It isn’t about me, and I will not make it about the things that I want. I will encourage you, make you laugh, and give you prompts that aren’t “stand here and smile at me for 5 hours, please”. I like to be candid! 

Do you travel for weddings?
- I have photographed weddings in Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, Iowa, and the list keeps on growing! I love to travel as much as I can, because I can! I can’t promise that my pup won’t be my passenger ;)
- I also have a travel list that I put on my Instagram page, and if I am traveling to a specific place already then you could get a discount on your wedding. Just ask! 

Do I get a print release (aka can I go wherever I want to print my images)?
- Yes you do. You are welcome to print anywhere that you want! You also have the option to print straight from the gallery that you will get from me. Totally up to you!!

Are all of the photos on your site real couples?
- Yes they are! They are all from real weddings and sessions. None of them are styled shoot, and they’re all cute af. I have gotten lucky, and have had the BEST couples!!

If our wedding doesn’t fit into a specific “package” can we customize it?
- Yes Yes Yes!! I will create a personalized package just for you! Like I have said before, it is your day and I want to make it the bomb dot com for you two!! 

How many photos will we get? 
- I send the best of the group, but all of the good ones! You will get 50-80 images per hour that I photograph your wedding day. That is around 1 image PER MINUTE!!! They are all edited and ready to go. They are also high resolution so that you can print them large to hang on your walls, because who wants to keep them cooped up inside of the interwebs?? Not you! Haha

How long before we get our photos after our wedding?
- I will post previews within 24 hours of your wedding on instagram and facebook so that you can have some to post/see immediately! I will then get the rest of the gallery up and sent off to you within 4-6 weeks. Boom! 

How will we get our photos?
- I will send an email with your full gallery! You can then download the images and share them with everyone. I also have the option for you to purchase a USB, but let’s be real, the newer computers don’t even have a place to plug in your USB. 

What if a memory card gets corrupted? Do you have backups?
- I have 2 memory cards in each of my cameras at all times, so if one goes bad, I have a backup. I then immediately take the photos home and back them up to 3 different spots! I got you covered!

You answered our questions and we’re ready to book. Now what??
- Email me back and I will send a proposal for you to go over: a contract and invoice! Once you sign the contract and send over 50% of the total we will be in business. Your date will be booked and we will start alllll of the planning things!