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Meet Melissa.

"I am over here crying, these are just beautiful! Cannot thank you enough for capturing these details of the special day for us! I love that I can look back and remember the people, the conversations, the joy of it all! You did beautifully!! Thank you thank you!"

-Evie Webb

I have 3 things in my car at all times: A water bottle, my hiking boots and Odo's leash. We're always ready to go on a hike!

I am a Colorado Native. I moved, and realized that I just couldn't stay away from the mountain life. I currently live in Breckenridge and love it more every day. 

If you need recommendations on places to hike, eat, or the best locations for your shoot, just message me on instagram, or send me an email!

- I have an ever-growing bucket list (check it out below!) that mostly have to do with travel. I know, shocking right?

- I post pics of my dog, Odo, SO MUCH on instagram. If you have any pups I want to hear about them, and send me all of the pics, please! Seriously.

- I am a strong believer in "work hard, play hard." Life is just too darn short to not celebrate.

- Dad jokes are my jam! 

- I have no self control when it comes to ice cream! Once I eat one bite, I will eat the whole container. 

If you can relate to any of these, we're going to get along so well. 

Are you sold yet? Head on over to my DETAILS PAGE to see what the whole process looks like. Some of your burning questions might be answered on there as well!


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my bucket list:


Visit all of the
National Parks

my bucket list:


Snowboard in Switzerland

my bucket list:


Sail the Mediterranean

my bucket list:


Kiss the Blarney Stone

my bucket list:


Scuba in the Maldives

my bucket list:


Paddle Board in Tahiti

my bucket list:


Adventure through Thailand

my bucket list:


Ride in a hot air balloon

my bucket list:


Go to all of the continents

my bucket list:


Ride a Camel